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Why are you talking about body parts?

I couldn’t find anything in my apartment, despite the fact that I looked everything over - twice. Bartok kept telling me that I was acting loopy and demanding to be fed. Mostly, he just wanted to be fed. Damn, I’ve turned him into one lazy-assed raven.

Eventually convinced myself that there was nothing in the apartment that was out to get me, ate something, fed the spoiled rotten raven, gathered up my notes(or my attempts at notes), and pulled out my info-file on X.

I left the X-file (oh Gaia, what a horrible pun) in my nightstand and headed out, with the intent to pick up on any Omens or Signs of what the future might hold if I dropped that file in the Spook’s lap. Uhh. Lets see. Dead cat. Ended up perching in a diseased tree at one point. Got to see one hell of a smash-up on the highway, then I got nailed by a freakng Great Horned Owl when I made it to a suitably wooded area. At six-bleeding-pm in the afternoon, with the sun up. It fucking hurt. I get the point already. Bad idea. Geeze.

Ended up trying to catch some sleep in a tree, before my meeting with Slug, but no dice. More bad dreams. Bah.

Met up with Slug by the Story Tree, a bit after nightfall. Only, as I got there, I was nailed by yet another fucking, worms-for-brains Great Horned Owl. No idea if that was an effect of calling on Omens and Signs earlier in the day, or just plain old bad luck and punishment for being in the air after dark. But really? Twice in the same god-damned bloody day? 

Even worse, I went Crinos to get the damn fucking owl off me and Slug saw. I swear, the damn wolf was oogling my mid-form. Really? Oie. Didn’t help that later, when I was explaining how Omens and Signs works, he made a crack about “if getting nailed by an owl is a ‘no,’ is finding a bear in your shower a ‘hell no?’” I made a reply along the lines of, “that, or you’re bedding a Ghural”. He got this bloody dreamy look on his face in response and said that he’d wished he’d had the chance to sleep with more Bete, before he got married. And that banging a Ratkin would make for a great story to tell… Uhhhhh. Too each their own, I guess, but, eeee.

Finally got the story behind the two packages he’d sent me. One was him going over Wolf Woods and trying to figure out what path the ‘poachers’ would have taken to snatch up the wolves that have gone missing. Was hoping that I could do a fly-by and see if I could spot anything. But, after all the fuss with Ky almost getting made by the scientist group, that probably wouldn’t do any good now. The dart was from Ky nearly getting caught and Slug is a bit worried about Kavi figuring out that he ‘held out,’ when Kavi claimed the other gear they managed to pull off the one guy Slug knocked out cold. Used mindspeak and sketched out the gear when I got home. May ask Kavi if I can get a look at the original items. See if I can match any of it up with the various medical supplies those shell companies were ordering.

Slug could tell I was tired. Offered me some awakened weed to help me sleep. If it’d been alcohol, I probably would have considered it. But, weed stinks, I’ve never used the stuff before, and I live above my business. No. With my current luck, I’d get in shit and end up charged with trafficking, or some shit. He also handed me some pills that he said would help me sleep. I’m suspicious as fucking hell, but he seemed to believe what he was saying. One way or another, they’re in my pocket now. Also mentioned that I may have been able to help Silvertip, but only time would tell and that Slug should keep an eye on the Uktena if he could.

I was about to leave, then on an impulse, I pulled out a piece of paper that I’d scribbled on before leaving the apartment in the afternoon. One more attempt at drawing the outline of that ritual circle. Still couldn’t get the damn thing right and I’d spent 2-3 minutes on it tops. Just wanted to know if it made any sense at all to the Garou and I hadn't written down anything too specific, or blatant, so the chances of him having a clue as to what it was, were pretty damn small. Slug studied it for a minute, then went on about ritual components, body parts, and stuff. What? I took the paper back and out of the corner of my eye, all I saw were the words, “Hello little birdy,” staring back at me. I nearly had a fucking heart attack and dropped the paper as if it had burned me. 

Holy fucking god, that was creepy. I picked it back up, pocketed it, waved a quick hello to Quoz(who’d just arrived), and took off as if the hounds of the Great Hunt were on my tail.

Called up my mom when I got home. She is not pleased. Wants to meet up with me tomorrow, midway between St. Claire and her place. Well, at least the weather is warmer now. Time to break out the switchback.

What? What was that? Uhh. Bartok isn't in that part of the apartment...




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