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After that evening call from Nick on Wednesday, I called up Emma and told her that I’d heard from Nicodemus, that he was doing okay, and was planning to come home after dealing with some personal business. Also asked her to help me put all of Nick’s books back, since that wasn’t something that I really wanted to do alone. Too much damn work. Anyway, we agreed on a time to meet up at Nick’s cabin on Thursday.

So, in the morning I rented a cargo van, waved some money under the noses of a few local boys, and got them to help in unloading the boxes out of storage and into the van. Which worked out really well. No more heavy lifting for me! Once everything was all set, I packaged up the cat and off I went to Nick’s place..

Once there, Emma showed up and we started unpacking. We left the cat in his crate until we were done, to avoid having him underfoot. I let Emma do most of the unloading, while I focused on unpacking everything and putting it all back exactly where I’d found it. Unsurprisingly, we talked for a bit while the unpacking went one and I’ll admit that I teased the Get some, by letting her put away Nick’s Lightsaber, after telling her exactly where I’d found it. That was entertaining and she actually started to blush a bit, but I didn’t push it, as that would have been going a bit far.

So, we unpacked, chatted. She asked about me and Brad. I told her the truth, but it’s not something that I really feel comfortable advertising. If only because I have this little voice in the back of my head reminding me that the Wendigo can be real particular when it comes to the ‘purity’ of their bloodlines and I can hardly be called Native American. I mean, my great, great, great, great, Grandma was Algonquin on my mom’s side, apparently, but I’m mostly a mix of Northern Italian, Dutch, and a sprinkling of Gaia only knows what.

We talked about Beth some, which is always damn depressing. At least she gets the care she needs now, and dad has the patience of a Saint. Takes an awful lot to get him riled up, or really frustrated. I mentioned Nick’s ideas for dealing with our current problems and for the most part, Emma just responded by saying that Salem had told everyone to lay low. Eh. I’ll take a look at things. Maybe call on Omens and Signs. See if I can get any hints as to what we can do, without having everything blow up in our faces. I pretty much told Emma I could do that, without actually promising to do it. I’ll see what I can do, but I’m leery of abusing the Gift.

Emma seems to be in something of a Mood and brought up the fact that the more she talks to me and Nick, the dumber she feels. That the only thing she is good at is fighting. I pointed her at Nick’s books and mentioned that they looked interesting. She looked at them and claimed that they were over her head. Just, eh. If she wants to expand on what she knows, she’s gonna have to apply herself to learning new things and not view stuff that she doesn’t understand as, well, bad, I guess. If you don’t understand something, poke at it until you find something you can grasp and start from there. Start small and when you’re good with the little things, go on to bigger things. Life isn’t worth living, if you’re not constantly learning something new in my books. Speaking of learning new things and books, I made use of Raven's Gleaning and gave Nick's books a once over, to see which ones had the most value. Not so much value in the sense of monetary worth, but value in how much they could teach me. I like learning new things. Might even get lucky and gain some insight into how Mages work. 

But, anyway, I poked at Emma some and eventually talked her into some drinks, followed by going out to see that Captain America Movie. Good mindless fun. :D
No more LOLcat in my home. Peace has returned. Or, as peaceful as things ever get around here. 




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