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When I managed a spare minute, I called up Slug and said that I wanted to talk with him. He warned that I might have to go into a bit of a hidyhole to talk with him, as he was planning to be at one later. Okay?

Later that day I tracked him down via Questing Stone, which took quite awhile and I found out that he wasn't kidding when he called the place a hidyhole. Gaia, I hate going underground.

Kavi was there and let me in, so it must be a Walker Place. Huh. A good idea. Never knew it was out here. Managed to find Slug, who was talking with Ky, the other Garou I wanted to talk with. Good. Now, if Ky wasn't asking all depressed, it would have been better. Seems he went and nearly got caught by the people who used X as a lab rat. Oie. But, he did have something of Eddy's, which means that the 'Let the Spooks take care of our Worm problem' is a go, so long as Salem rubberstamps the idea.

Slug didn't want to talk about the packages he left me, not there. Huh. That, along with other things he said, made me realize that the dart he'd handed off to me had come from the failed attempt to capture Ky. Something is going on there. We talked about Eddy some, Eddy’s sister(Alice Jones), the Spiral, and the the ideas that Nick had floated my way about dealing with Worm and maybe distracting the Spooks by pointing them Alice Jones. 

We got out of the bunker. Thank Gaia. It was good to see the sun and feel the open air on my face. Anyway. Slug and I left the Walker-Place and moved off always, before we kept talking. Arranged a time and place to meet up, where we could talk more freely. I was about to leave at that point, but my last meeting with Silvertip still wasn't sitting right with me. I started talking with Slug about it, leaving out the finer details, trying to see if I could figure out what was going on with the Uktena. Wasn't working and eventually, I just gave in and handed over more details. It’s almost as if the Athro Ahourn is worried about rape, which is insane. Slug seemed worried about that, same as me. Asked him to keep an eye on the Uktena for me, but to leave out the fact that I’d talked about her freakout.

I don’t want Little-Silvertip to be angry with me. I did learn that she has been having nightmares. I’m worried about her. Maybe her dreams will give me some clue as to what is wrong with her. 

On the way back home, I stopped at Nick’s cabin(he wasn't back yet) and left him a note, letting him know I’d located something of Eddy’s and to let me know if I could be of any help. Damn. My plate just seems to be getting more and more full. Damn. And I’m still waiting for that robin’s egg to hatch.

In the morning, I retrieved up the dart from Noki's care and asked him to let Ila know that Nick was alright and he'd back in St. Claire soon (Man, I love that Fetish in the Harbor Park Umbra). I called up Quin and met him at his lab. Handed over the dart from Slug and asked him to poke at it for me. Brought over some pizza and pop, just to make certain the silly Kinsman remembered to eat. We talked for a bit and while I was there, Brad showed up. I wish I could have stayed longer, but there were things I had to attend too. :(




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