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My second week of recovery went peacefully enough and I managed to regain most of my Gnosis, even if I was ready to throttle Twinkle-Toes by the time Easter weekend rolled around. Corax, in most cases, are not to spend all that much time together. We tend to drive each other batty after a point. The book I got from the Villion brothers was a godsend. The older English was a bit of a pain to read, but it was very interesting and it kept me busy for quite awhile.

The nightmares are gone now, which is good, but I’m still having some issues with voices and seeing things here and there. Pain in the ass, because they seem so very real at the time. At least my mind seems to be healing. I hope that Silvertip is healing as well…

I went back to mom’s house for Easter and I actually had fun. We even got Beth to hunt for Easter Eggs, even if she did it in a somewhat lacklustre way. Progress is progress… And it doesn't feel as if she is looking at me so strangely now. Maybe it was just my mind playing tricks on me. I certainly hope so. I reallyreally hope so. 

I found out that mom bypassed the lock on my phone and listened to my messages while I was gone. No big surprise there, even if it is a little annoying. Seems that Silvertip figured out that someone mucked with her dreams and Nick figured it was me. *sigh* I had been hoping just to help and be done with it. A little nudge in the right direction, without bruising the Uktena’s pride. I’ll… I’ll deal with that later, when I find out who took Beth’s Egg. That has to take priority.

Called Nick up and touched base real quick, but had to cut the call short when Beth grabbed a cleaver from the kitchen and walked off with it. Not a good thing! I don’t know what she was planning to do with it, but she gave it up easily enough when I asked her for it. Weird. I warned mom and she proceeded to lock up all the pointy things in the house, just incase. Beth is Family and we will care for her, but she isn’t quite right in the the head. Not after the loss of her Egg. 

Sunday I felt the urge to go on a long flight and came across Ila parked off the highway, in one of those rest areas. Seems that she was expecting me. Heh. We had a short enough chat and she warned me that the robin’s egg was going to hatch soon. I unloaded some of my concerns about Silvertip. I had hoped, perhaps, from some insite on my own mental issues. She pretty much said that I should have let Silvertip be… And perhaps she is right. But, the past is the past and it can not be undone. I really hope that I managed to help Silvertip. 

Monday, I went back to St. Claire. It was a long flight, but not a terrible one. Weather is much nicer these days, which makes flying far less of a pain in the ass. After a bit of a rest at home, I went to the library to pick up some books that I’d put on reserve. Then I went to scan the shelves, to see if I could spot anything else that’d be interesting. Only, I found Karuvar and Ciuraq there. Not who I’d been expecting to see. At first, I was hopeful that Ciuraq was getting better. She was wearing some very good looking clothes. She’d almost be pretty, if she’d learn to slouch a little less. But, after I said hello and dodged the damn tiger trying to hug me(!), it became painfully clear that Silvertip was still having paranoia problems, when it comes to guys gawking at her.

Damn it! Damn it! Damn it!

After Karuvar left, I talked with Silvertip some more and she is still having those dreams. Captured Dreams worked for me, so chances are it’d work for her. I hope. I told her I could probably help, if she was having bad dreams. She asked me to come and hunt with her, as we have in the past… I will. As soon as I can. 

Tuesday morning, I swung by Little-Worm’s hidyhole and noticed that it looks different. I don’t think he is there anymore. Weird. Later on, I was just minding my own business and doing an aerial patrol, when I spotted a police take-down happening. I stuck around and lo and behold, they dragged someone out of the building and it was Naomi! FUCKFUCKFUCKFUCK! It was the Suits. I do not have time for this crap. Not right now!

I watched and when they loaded Naomi into a Humvee, I landed on the vehicle's roof and went along for the ride. They didn't go to the Station, but they took her to a building in Jermantown, near the Wharf. A single story building, so windows, and plenty of security. Also looks like they've made lots of modifications to the inside, judging by the brief glimpse I got and the junkpile outside.

I buggered off went about a block distant, then gave Nick a call. Told him what was going on. He was not pleased, which is more than understandable. Kinda irked me, by saying I shouldn't go back and scout. I never send people in blind. No matter what anyone thinks. I went back after ended the call and made a quick sweep, so I knew where everything was. That done, I headed for Edgewood and passed on the news as quickly as I could. Only found Elias and April. Had been hoping to find more. From there, I dropped off a map of the building with Nicodemus. Best I could do. Exhausted, I called it a night.

Wednesday morning, I got a call from Ila saying that the robin’s egg had hatched. Shit. Out of time.



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