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Within the Sands of Time

I don’t know how long, short… time is, was, irrelevant. (Although later, I was told that I was only gone for minutes. Go figure.) Without the Weaver to make time tick by in an orderly fashion, it has no structure and is nothing but chaos. My consciousness, mind, soul… I’m not certain how to describe it properly, but It was as if I was scattered like the grains of sand that made up the Spirit I had summoned. I started seeing, or more accurately, experiencing bits of things. It is all such a blur, as it all seemed by be happening all at once, images and sensations flew directly into my consciousness. It was just so much and all at once. I can remember brief glimpses, here and there. Things that looked familiar, but weren’t quite right. Virgin forest, cities made of spotless steel and glass. So much, so very much, all at once and so horrifically overwhelming.

Eventually, things started to slow down, or my mind found some way to cope with the sheer volume of /stuff/. I started picking out glimpses of things that I recognized: Nicodemus, far younger and in a full Goth get-up. The forest surrounding the Caern, before all those subdivisions starting going in. Little things I recognized, but plenty of stuff I didn't. Things that seemed outdated, or so odd as to be almost alien. But these things were not what I wanted to see.. I needed to see what happened when Beth’s Egg was taken. I needed to know who was responsible and I needed to know where they are /now/, so I can find their sorry asses and make certain that they pay for what they did. I focused on what I needed to learn, what I wanted the Spirit to give me. I focused on what I needed to see, maybe I cried out? I don’t know for certain, but the sheer chaos of what I was seeing subsided and resolved itself into a single vision: A small bungalow, so mundane as to be easily forgotten. But, the people inside it? There was at least one that I recognized. Beth, full of smiles, laughter and life. Seeing her like that and knowing what she is like now… If nothing else, this helped me keep my focus.

The Fletcher’s met their end away from home, having gone out to enjoy dinner together. They never made it back home. Black Spirals are scary shits. Ran them off the road. Killed them. Stole the car. The next night, they went after the Egg. I have no idea how they found the hiding spot, but they did. The Guardian tried to escape with the Egg. Keep it safe, but the Spirals had brought a Smog spirit with them. Grounded the Guardian. He couldn’t breath and once he was in claw range… *shudder* He fought back as best he could, but he was badly outmatched. From there, I watched as the Egg was taken to a Wyrm hell-hole and placed there. Then, one of the Dancer’s went in to the Realm and performed a Ritual. A twisted evil thing, where a raven was held over a five year old boy and it’s wings were brutally broken. I was watching the creation of a Buzzard. When the ritual was completed, the boy changed, into a poorly formed and sickly looking Rara-Avis. It was… Disturbing and so very wrong. Well, I now knew what had happened to Beth’s Egg.

The boy was then taken to a farmhouse and handed to an older looking gentleman. I fixed the look of the place in my mind and I got a glimpse of a road sign at some point in there. Welcome to Grand View, Idaho. Is this where I would find the Buzzard made from Beth’s Egg? I still needed to know what happened to the Spirals who took Beth’s Egg and even as I thought this, my perspective shifted and I saw one of them die brutally in some dark place filled with glowing mold, throat clawed out by another Spiral. The other two died in a squabble with what looked like a pack of Black Furies and maybe Uktena? I have no time frame to tell when this happened, or where it happened, aside from the fact that it looks like they were in a patch of woodland that had suffered a fire at some point? It was a big fight and lots of blood spilled on both sides. Death had already claimed the thieves who took Beth’s Egg and there was no one left for me to hunt.

Everything turned into chaos again, but the sensation of having a body started to return. I could feel my fingers, toes, and the ability to feel them wriggle was heavenly. 

I woke up, face-first in the sand. But, I’d made it back and I’d managed to get the info that I’d been looking for. My first clear memory when I woke up, was Cheese Doodle poking at me with her nose and when I rolled over, I was left to wonder what I was doing on a beach in Florida. Just a dream beach. Maybe one of my own. I grew up in Florida and I still miss the warmth, from time to time. Then Evac came over and started to slobber all over my face, which wasn't all that bad, until my stomach decided that being tumble-dried by a Wyld Spirit was not a good idea and I puked up everything in my guts. 

Noki didn't seem to be around anywhere, but that's alright. Otter Nonsense got me home, with some help from their Pack Totem, Araya. Never before, have I been so happy to see my own bed. 



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