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The Only Constant is Change

 I was so very pleased to get back to to my own bed, after by encounter with the Sands of Time spirit. I was tired, drained, exhausted and my head felt as if someone had been using it as a base drum. I was looking forward to sleep, but I didn't get the peaceful rest that I'd been looking for. 

The dreams were back. Rather, the nightmares. I shouldn't have been all that surprised. The Airt Pathway Nokivaris led us through was linked to the Dreaming and when I went through, fragments of the Nephrandi Nightmares popped up in my head. Been very careful in the last few weeks, having mentally locked away those memories in the same bit of my brain where I keep the really nasty 'last moments'. Everyone deserves to be remembered, but not always by the sights found in the Eye.  I  Hadn't thought about the Nightmares. Hadn't talked about them and then they got smacked back into the forefront of my brain. Great. Suffering from a god damned relapse. 

I woke up feeling like crap a mere four hours after falling asleep. Stumbled in to the shower, found some clothes that sorta fit, then loaded up on caffeine. Didn't feel too bad after I actually got moving and pulled out the cash I keep stashed here and there, for emergencies. Guess there are some advantages to being in a younger body.  

First things first, I needed to change how I looked. I can deal with being fourteen again, but I can't go around dressed in my typical-style of clothing. Even if I am twenty years younger, I still move the same way. I'm still me, minus several inches in height, and a bit more pudge in my face. I can't have people drawing the connection between how I look now, how I looked yesterday, and realizing that the 14-year-old and the 34-year-old are one and the same. It'd be /bad/. 

First stop was the hairdressers. I had my now-long hair cut short, the ever-living hell bleached out of it, then had it decorated in a series of rainbow hues. Not something I could have ever gotten away with before. A thirty-four year old would have just looked weird with hair that bright, but someone who looks about fourteen can pull it off. It's gaudy, but I'll admit that I ended up liking it far more than I'd expected that I would. After getting my hair done I went shopping. I picked out the brightest gaudiest clothes that I could find. I like colour. I find it very attractive. But even I have to admit that the final ensemble I came up with, was a bit much.  Still, looking in the mirror, I really didn't look like me any more. Which is what I was aiming for and now, anyone who sees me, is likely to pay more attention to my clothes than my face.
After dedicating my new clothes, I went searching for Little Silvertip. I'm promised to go hunting with her. And, I wanted to talk with her about the Nephrandi nightmares. She is still having them, or I'm a chicken. Of course, this meant that I was gonna haveta come clean about mucking around in her head. Wasn't all that keen on the idea, as I'd kinda hoped to go in, tweak things to help her deal with nightmares about Flux and pop out again, without her noticing that anything was funky with her dreams.  But yea, Flux was not the problem. Oie. Wish it had been. And she knew someone had been in her head. That wolf isn't stupid. Better to bite the bullet and come clean, then take the chance of her figuring it out on her own. Anyway. Hunting! Hunting is good. Burns off excess energy and it's hard to get extra-grumpy over something with a full belly. That was the plan, anyway...

The hunt went successfully enough. I found a deer, Silvertip chased it and killed it. Did a lot of pissing around the body afterwords. Was acting a lot more well, wolfish than I've seen in awhile. Wasn't all that certain what to make of it. She gorged herself and I picked at the body, while keeping a wary eye on the Uktena's teeth. After we'd had our fill, I flew in to a tree, a nice high branch, shifted and waved at Silvertip. Figured my new appearance would give her a bit of a shock, but I was safely out of range, and I could fill her in on what happened to me before talking to her about Dreamwalking. Also, I wanted to see her reaction, when she saw what I looked like. 

I thought I was out of range. Silvertip's surprised expression was priceless. She didn't recognize me, which was a good thing. Meant that I'd done enough, what with changing my clothes and my hair. Then she shifted into homid, lifted up her hand and used a Gift to /yank/ me right out of the tree and on to the ground. I didn't know she could do that! I made a mad grab for the tree, but it didn't do me any good and I hit the ground hard. It hurt. I couldn't even get up. I was pinned, then Silvertip went in to her Crinos form and put a  hand over my chest, pressing me in to the ground. Damn, I was scared, but I managed not to outright panic. She demanded to know who I was and after a good sniffing over, she believed me. When she let me go, she was pissed off and upset. Called me a fool. That she'd told me not to go messing with Wyld Spirits like the Sands of Time. She pissed on the dead deer again, then sat on a mostly uneaten part, as if was protecting it from me. 

She was pissed off. Pissed off more than the the surprise I'd given her really warranted. No. Something was off. Uktena are known for finding secrets that they're not supposed to know. Corax have a Gift like that. We look at someone and it tells us their deepest secret. Maybe this Uktena knows something similar. Maybe Silvertip now knows that I'm the one who Dreamwalked her? Damn. That's gonna make things more awkward, if that's the case and would explain why she drove me off as forcefully as she did. Fuck. So much for coming clean. I'm gonna have to summon Neryarta and talk with her. If I can get her to hear me out before I go talking with Silvertip, it might help smooth things out between us. Maybe. I hope so.

I flew past Edgewood on my way back home, after that less than successful encounter with Little Silvertip. Nick was there, near that pond. I dropped in and we had a talk. I mentioned that I was having some cash-flow issues and Nick handed me a wad of cash out of his pocket. Hadn't been expecting that. It was very kind of him and I appreciated it. I let him know what had happened to me and roughly, what I'd learned. He's a good friend. Asked if I'd talked with Brad yet.

I really need to talk with Brad. Soon.



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