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Contemplating the Omens and Signs.

After talking with Nicodemus, I went home, sat down and did some thinking.

Before I became committed to Summoning the Sands of Time spirit, I’d called on a number of my Corax contacts and asked them to use Omens and Signs. To try and give me some direction.

If I was to ask Nick to help me out?

Incomplete answers. Frustration.

Got roughly the same answer, when I looked in to using other forms of spiritual divination to find out what had happened.

One of my contacts ended up looking for more direct Signs of what I should do, instead of trying to figure out if what I’d come up with was a good idea. She’s the one that pointed me at the Sands of Time. Then, she promptly told me that I was a nutbar for even considering the idea. Still, the Omens for summoning such a powerful spirit were good. Well, mostly. One Raven just came back with Signs that indicated an ending. Which could be just about anything. Could even mean my end.

Of course, by this point, my contacts weren’t willing to do any more for me. Omens and Signs is not a Gift that should be abused. I was going to have to learn the Gift, instead of pestering my contacts. I know that I annoyed some of them. Still have to make it up to them, somehow.

After learning the Gift, I used it to try and decide if calling the Sands of Time was the path I should take.

Rebirth. Renewal. New life. Life lost. Completion. An end. 

Promising, if a little mixed. I decided to go with it, even if some of the signs were a little on the grim side. Looking back, I think I know what most of the Signs were trying to tell me.

Rebirth and renewal are similar, if not quite one in the same and were, in all likelihood, warning of the age change I went through.

New Life - I’m still not so certain about this one.

Life lost - Well, I’m gonna pretty much lose my old mundane life if the age-change thing proves to be permanent. But, the Portents are probably about that poor boy who was turned into a Buzzard. He’s gonna lose his life, because he can’t be saved.

Completion - Not only did I find out who took Beth’s Egg, I saw their deaths. They’re gone. The Corax were unable to bring them to justice for what they did, but justice was still done in the end.

An end - This could just be related to the Signs of completion, but I don’t think so. This doesn’t feel over and it won’t be over until I find the home that the Buzzard is being raised in. He needs to go. It’ll be quick and painless if I can manage it, but he has got to go.

I know roughly where he is. I know what the house looks like. I will find him. A life will be lost. There will be completion, and an end.



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