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Things are never dull in this city.

 The nightmares have faded again, which is good. My bed didn't survive the latest bout. Woke up in the middle of the night, only to find that I'd shifted in my sleep and shredded my mattress. Oops. Damn, that thing was a pain in the ass to drag out back. Time for a new one. 

Saw an old/new face. Alicia, a Child of Gaia Galliard that I have seen around in close to eight years. She doesn't seem to have changed much, honestly. Although, I don't recall her being quite that... Umm. Hrm. Not certain how to describe it. Horny, maybe. It's just that she got all drooly around Tristan, then she did the same thing around Karuvar. She has a far better chance with the Tiger and I told her as much. If all she's looking for is a distraction and a bit of fun, I kinda get the impression that the kitty'd be all for anything he'd find 'entertaining'.

Benedict seems to have taken to reading Welsh, of all things, and he claims that the books are about 'how nothing is impossible'. Sounds like Mage reading-material to me. What I've come across seems to have similar themes. Going to have to butter him up and get a good look at those books. See if he owns anything worthwhile and interesting.  Not that I can /read/ Welsh, but there is a way around that, if the books are even worth my time.

Ila is looking after that robin and the little bugger is growing up fast. She seems to be enjoying the little feather-duster. Honestly, she might find a raven a good companion. Enough raven nests fail ever year and if she can manage to raise a robin... Even if she already has a cat. I might float the idea past her. A robin'll fly the coup eventually and they're /dumb/. A raven, on the other hand, might decide to stick around and keep her company. If nothing else, helping one out would win her points with my folks and I did kinda promised to introduce her to my mom. Would be a win-win in the end.

The riots that started up in New York and Boston seem to be spreading. Organized. People showing up all of sudden, almost as if they are swarming out of the sewers. A spiral pattern and the words: 'None of this Matters' is associated with the riots. Some signs that the riots may come here in time. Namely a homicidal nutjob who decided to blow away a gang-kid in Harbor Park. Followed up on him, but he seemed to be nothing more than a psycho human. All in to 'the end is coming' and we will return to the chaos from which we were born.' Gave Alicia the info I had on the guy and left that job in her lap. A few days later, she said that the guy was arrested and that he'd been spewing worms. What the fuck? Well, no word from Quin or Benedict in the station(or the hospital, where the guy was taken), so maybe she was pulling my chain, or I heard her wrong... I hope so, because that is fucked up. Possession tends to take time and really? He struck me as leaning more heavily towards Wyld, than Wyrm, what with how nutty he was. One way or another, what's done is done. 

Ever since I got back from the Dreaming, I've been having some issues. At first, I chalked it up to the Nephrandic dreams. And some of them probably were; the sensation of being watched, weird people watching me, and less than enthralling whispers that I could barely hear. They gave me the /creeps/ and while the shit-my-pants weir-stuff has faded, some stuff is still happening. Every now and again, I keep getting this odd sensation that I'm doing the same thing twice. Or, I'm catching sight of some guy that looks familiar, but I can't quite place him. When I go looking, he is gone. Weird. 



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